Creationfest West 2001

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Mac of Third Day, new haircut

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Mac of Third Day right at ya

geoffb.jpg (56748 bytes) Check out Mac's pics coming right at you and the haircut. geoffb2.jpg (27936 bytes)
Third Day not only rocked the place but led in worship! And if the keyboard player looks familiar behind a keyboard, he should, it's Geoff Barkley formally of The Distance of Geoff Moore and The Distance.And the guitar players, what a great concert!
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Melissa and Jeremy

Jeremy and Melissa, WAYFM   DJs

Earthsuit Earthsuit


Melissa and Becca

Becca and Melissa


Marc of Audio A

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Will jammin away

Audio Adrenaline

Will on bass

Praise and worship. Rita Springer, Jami Smith, Paul Baloche and Sammy Ward

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Jami Smith jami3.jpg (37550 bytes) jami2.jpg (39473 bytes)
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Sammy Ward


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