Creationfest West 2001

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93.3 WAYFM Encampment

The 93.3 WAY-FM encampment

ALl the comforts of home All the comforts of home, some people even brought the family couch.

       The Crowd was awesome! And the candle lighting was amazing, possibly 15-20,000 candles lighting up the hill.

candle lighting 15-20,000 candles Crowd city, wat to go Amy Crowd on a hill more crowd ona  hill
Creation or bust...they made it Young praisers The hair and shoes match Safety and Lost/Found


DC Talk and we got the message, despite the solo projects, DC Talk is NOT breaking up, its so hard to do.

Kevin of DC Talk Kevin Michael steppin out
Michael on the move Hip Hop Head Toby    Toby invites the crowd to sing


Randy Stonehill, Daniel Amos, and the Sweet Comfort Band with Bryan Duncan on Retro Friday and Glenn Kaiser on the Fringe stage.

Randy Stonehill bryan2.jpg (48603 bytes) Bryan Duncan randy2.jpg (56512 bytes)
daniela1.jpg (82427 bytes) daniela2.jpg (60279 bytes) daniela3.jpg (34226 bytes) daniela7.jpg (57928 bytes)
daniela5.jpg (50978 bytes) daniela4.jpg (65289 bytes) daniela6.jpg (50681 bytes)
kaiser4.jpg (51101 bytes) Glenn Kaiser kaiser2.jpg (28075 bytes) kaiser3.jpg (70924 bytes)
sweetcomf1.jpg (81442 bytes) sweetcomf2.jpg (64252 bytes) sweetcomf3.jpg (50280 bytes) sweetcomf4.jpg (80067 bytes)


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