Worship Circus becomes The Listening Nov. 19th, 2005 in Spokane,WA at The Service Station

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Rock and Roll Worship Circus in Salem Oregon on Nov 7th, 2003 on the Beautiful Glow tour

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WOW! Where to begin, Rock and Roll Worship Circus, aka Worship Circus, aka WWRC  not only presented praise and worship but presented us with some great challenges. Gabe spoke a lot about true righteousness, and how it does NOT come by singing, making music, even leading worship. It comes by helping the helpless defending the defenseless defending those who; have no voice, unborn, homeless, those hooked on drugs, the helpless and defenseless, those Jesus would have ministered to. And to love those that might be untouchable Gabe also said to do as the Lord puts on your heart. He spoke about us needing a vision, and if we need a vision, let God wake you up. He said the crowd there was a huge potential to change Oregon, change the NW, entire city can be changed by God's love. Gabe and the band played so hard that Gabe broke a string md-stream. He also went on to encourage us to be on the front lines of ministry, to put our money, our time, ourselves where our mouths are. He said that he spoke to the crowd but also to themselves (the band). Be Gods no matter who you are or what you look like. And to walk in our destiny of the Kingdom of God.


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And when they played the Party song, there was a party! The other bands and some audience came on stage!

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Speaking of Stereo Motion, continue to pray for the band as they were in a bad accident (like there's such a thing as a "good" accident). They faired well physically, no one seriously hurt but they lost their van and trailer and a lot of their equipment. They are taking donations to help. Visit their web site for more info.

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