Mac Powell and Third Day

May 20, 2004

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The boys in the band.

thirdday 035.jpg (132690 bytes) thirdday 037.jpg (159315 bytes) With these pictures in the background, Third Day fans would know what's playing.

Consuming Fire

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Mac and Mark share a bit of acoustics and heart
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Toby and Mac doin a little hip hop, Toby thought it was a lost cause.

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Geoff Barkley (graininess due to use of digital zoom, Geoff always hides back in the back)

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Tai, to the left, tries on Toby's jacket. It was a tight fit. Tai was wearing it as he shared about his heart for Africa.
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Mac and the band helps out Warren Barfield or was it the other way around.

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World Vision was there. Third Day, Toby and Warren encouraged us to make a difference in our world. Helping our neighbor even when they're half way around the world! Tai shared about the band meeting with Bono in bringing the suffering of Africa to the world's attention.


Toby Mac and Warren Barfield picture page.

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