Switchfoot at the Crystal Ballroom at Portland,Oregon October 20th, 2006


The below pictures were taken before we were told by security to stop. It seems point and shoot cameras and video cameras were okay but digital SLRs are not. They said it was a "pro-camera", which it's not but we didn't argue, just glad they didn't erase what we had taken. Chad was hiding in the back so we couldn't get a clear pic of him on drums. The show was fantastic. They played a lot of older songs with the crowd singing along and they played some new ones, "Gravity" and "Dirty Second Hand"


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The venue was awesome, the above pictures were two of many on the walls. The floor was soft as well and the crowd had it bouncing. The ballroom was on the third floor of the buildling.
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switchfoot20.jpg (25487 bytes) Jon was all over the place (above) climbing and jumping off equipment
Picture right, Switchfoot fans Kelly and Deneil at the show, they were seen "weaseling" their way up front. switchfoot15.jpg (42291 bytes)
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The date: Approximately Summer of 1997, I believe on Switchfoot's first road tour. Crossing the west in a minivan pulling a small trailer singing where ever and staying where ever they could, they ended up at our house and we fixed omelets for breakfast before they hit the road. Tim had just graduated from high school, they had played at a local bookstore parking lot with Gramma Train.