It was Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, and Casting Crowns at the Key Arena at Seattle, WA

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keithmarc.jpg (28546 bytes) Meet and Greet was a great visit with a chance to chat with the bands and get them to sign some things for us. Steven Curtis stayed until the last person was greeted and signed autographs. marcposter.jpg (29029 bytes)
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Steven Curtis with Deneil and Keith


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Keith with some of the Casting Crown folks.


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Chris Tomlin at the Meet and Greet

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Chris and Steven Curtis

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Deneil at the door

The concert started out a little different than what folks were expecting. Of the three groups, Steven Curtis Chapman took the stage from the start! He opened and joined the other bands off and on during the show until his time came. One of his band members said it was something new they were trying and it was a bit of work as usually, during a concert, the band would have an hour or so before having to come out but this time they were coming out every 20 minutes or so to join each one of the other artists on stage.

Each band had a "message" for the folks that had gathered. Mark from Casting Crowns shared how "God doesn't need us but wants us" and how that translate into a way to see His love for us, no matter what. Casting Crowns had their songs on the screen behind them but I doubt it was needed as the whole place sang along. Steven Curtis joined Marc on stage for "Voice Of Truth".

Chris Tomlin led Worship or I should say he was the lead worshipper. Chris led from the stage but shared how he loves it when the crowd forgets about him and the band and just worships the Lord. The way Chris ended things was an example of this. Chris led the crowd with a song on his latest album, "How Great Is Our God" and took that into "How Great Thou Art". As the crowd sang the chorus to the well known hymn, the band quietly dropped out and left the stage and the crowd continued for a while. Actually, a number of times the bands would drop out and just the crowd would carry the song and it was awesome. My guess, 8 to 10 thousand attended, quite a choir.

Steven Curtis Chapman took the stage and asked if we had anything left after Chris as Chris had the place hopping. Steven's band was awesome, here is who they are: Justin York on guitar, Will Denton on drums, Scott Sharif on the keyboard, Adam Lester on guitar, and Adam Nitti on bass guitar. They sounded great! Steven talked about the latest addition to his family, they had adopted another little one. Steven went on and on about his family...he said the concert critics had criticized the amount of time he had spent talking about his family so he was cutting back, only 30 minutes instead of an hour.  What else Steven talked about was how earthly adoptions are a picture of heavenly adoption, ours with God and how we are His children because of what Jesus did.

The "Meet and Greet" was done in two sessions, before concert time we had a chance to meet Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin, and then after it was Steven Curtis and some of his band members.

Thanks to Bonnie at EMI-CMG Distribution for the tickets and DeNeil (bottom right picture in front of Key Arena and with Keith and Steven Curtis, upper center) for setting it up.

Be sure to stop by Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, or Casting Crown's sites.

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