Mat Kearney in Concert

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Mat Kearney at The Big Easy in Spokane, WA on Oct 1st.

Having not seen Mat in person before but have been listening since his independent release a while back was in for a treat. Venue and concert was great! It was evident that the crowds were familiar with his music as there was a lot of singing along with the music. I always love hearing that, like a giant choir.  Started out in the balcony but ended up on the floor.

Mat's web site and myspace

His album "Nothing To Lose" in stores now. A lot of his independent release is on it. 

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kearney12.jpg (43914 bytes) Please e-mail me with the names of Mat's band members. They did a great job.  kearney13.jpg (44652 bytes)
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Fans on the way to the show at the Onion downtown Spokane. kearney22.jpg (46561 bytes) kearney23.jpg (49420 bytes)


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