Jars Of Clay with Need To Breathe and Burlap To Cashmere

in support of the Blood:Water Mission- Clean Water for Africa! See banner below

Walla Walla, Wa  March 2nd, 2007

Started off with Burlap To Cashmere, so much sound from two acoustic guitars!

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Burlap to Cashmere web site and myspace

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Need To Breathe takes the stage.

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Gonzo does an interview with Need To Breathe for cmcentral.com You can also catch the one and only gonzo on the Weekend22 Countdown Show

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jarsconcert52.jpg (36163 bytes) jarsconcert45.jpg (33683 bytes) jarsconcert66.jpg (41116 bytes) Need To Breathe signs autographs to the left.

Need To Breathe website and myspace

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Dave, from Blood Water Mission shares with the crowd what just one dollar will do.

Amazing statistic: One dollar can provide water for one person in Africa for a year, kind of makes those lattes a little extravagant.! Click on the above banner (One Dollar Saves) for more information.

Jars Of Clay, great backgrounds, playing mostly from their album Good Monsters and some favorites from earlier albums!

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E-mail me so we can get an ID for the bass player, did a great job but Matt never intros him.

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Jars Of Clay website and myspace

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Dietrich Hall at Walla Walla Community College was packed. A great time was had by one and all!

Thanks to Wilson Promotions for bringing them to town.

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Pictures taken by Keith, thanks to Tyler (tour management) and Wilson Promotions for letting us take them. For other bands and venues, check out http://www.nwcricket.com/musiclist.html 



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