Delirious in the TriCities (Kennewick, Richland,Pasco Washington) May 1st, 2003 at the TriCity Coliseum!

Thanks to People For Christ Ministries for bringing them!

Contact: Keith for picture info

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Delirious with Martin Smith played before a small crowd but Martin had said, at the in-store before the concert, "folks are worried about the numbers, if people come, we will play, no matter how many". Mentioning that to show their heart. Another thing that showed their heart was the length of time they played, about 2 and a half hours. All who did make it, were blessed with lots of worship and singing. Martin led the crowd in worship and lots of singing as the crowd sang as back-up singers for the band.
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Above left, a bunch of fans enjoying the music, stage shot of Delirious, a family and the store staff meet the boys in the band at the Parable Christian Bookstore in Richland, Washington.

The Jordan Munoz band, stage, fans, and the band. Stop by Jordan's website.

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The band Sittser, from Spokane Washington also played, for more info, stop at

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