Creation 2005

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Bethany Dillon, left.and Margret Becker, right

Lincoln Brewster and band, with "CJ" on drums and Ried McNulty on guitar. (below)


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skillet (8).jpg (38921 bytes) Skillet with the instigator Jeremy Camp John Cooper picks a fight with Jeremy but all made up. skillet (6).jpg (64526 bytes)
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If you don't know, the building on the left is a "mister" as in cool mist. Lots of kids taking advantage of it to cool off from 102 degrees. A family enjoys praising the Lord and some more fans waiting for the Newsboys. Lots of fun and blessing!


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New artist Sarah Brendel.

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scene1.jpg (55000 bytes) Michael Gungor and brothers on stage. Brother Ross on keyboard and Brother David on bass.
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Toby Mac, on stage and press pic(right)

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Newsboys above and below and KJ 52 to the left, teaching the youngins the disco.

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Thousand Foot Krutch on stage and in press tfk2.jpg (77218 bytes)


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Barlow Girls, Mom was close by watching over her brood. They said Mom or Dad are always close by.


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Caedmon's Call in the press room and on stage. They shared their hearts about the plight of the dalits and talked about their new album coming out soon.


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Michael W. Smith and friends


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xmyriad5.jpg (68307 bytes) Brand new band Myriad played the fringe stage. xmyriad3.jpg (64635 bytes)


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xrebeccaband2.jpg (49189 bytes) Rebecca St. James and band. Her little brother (above) singing backup. xrebeccaband.jpg (54509 bytes)


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Many got baptized in the river on Saturday

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Todd Agnew

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Pastor Harry, who started he whole Creation thing


shatteredsoul1w.jpg (56660 bytes) Shattered Soul shattered

Joshua shares about the band Shattered Soul splitting up. Despite his attempt to put on a happy front, when discussing Matt's departure was visibly upset. Despite initial reports of success, quote, "things went south when new lead singer Lillian entered the picture" Josh would not elaborate not wanting to hurt a friend and brother.. 

Last years' pictures

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