Michael W. Smith at Creationfest West 2000

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 *Michael W. Smith on stage...and what a back-up group he brought. I caught only a couple of names, Chris Rodriguez and Nicole. Nicole has a killer voice, this lady can sing! Not sure but this may have been  Nicole C  Mullen, not sure but I am sure she had a voice that will or should go very far, wonderful to say the least. Michael's tone was very serious this year. He touched on how things seemed a bit crazy. Last year was the Columbine tragedy and this year, a dear family friend Carol-Ann had passed away about a week ago. She was 31 and a good friend. Michael talked about what he wanted as a legacy, he did not want his legacy to be Dove Awards and number one records and songs. He wants his legacy to be about him being a God fearing man and a man that loved his family. He went on to say he was not there to "fire us up" but to get us be aware of the victory we have. He said he was tired of losing the battles. He said, "We haven't tapped into the power we have because we don't believe it".  He wanted to remind us that all of our days are numbered, as his days are numbered. He talked about being in the emergency room visiting his dying friend (she died in a coma) and while at the hospital he went about visiting and encouraging others in other rooms. He wasn't "preaching" he was sharing what was on his heart. He also said he wanted to pursue God like never before.  He played "Friends" as was expected. I paid more attention to what he was saying rather then playing. He also played "This Is Your Time". Great concert but pretty serious (which we need sometimes).

*(Taken from Friday's report)


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