Larry Norman at Creationfest West 2000
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Matthew Faulkner Herbie Manuputy Herbie and Matthew Brander McDonald
lnband5.jpg (63232 bytes) Larry's "boys in the band"

Stop by to find out what Larry's been up to, you can join the Larry discussion mailing list and purchase Larry's albums old and new!

Missed the drummer a bit (below), he was hiding but these guys backed Larry up on guitar, like 5 of them! What a concert and a good time for all.

And below, a few pics of the man himself...the one, the only, thee Larry Norman! Sorry Larry, a little to much hoopla.

Thanks Kerry at, for straightening me out on the names.  

Pictures by Keith.

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Tom Nunes     Ken Tucker
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This is one serious dude! At least in the picture anyway. He had some lighter moments too.

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Jason Carter
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