The crowds, the view, the stage, CreationWest 2000, the place to be!


What a view it was!

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The crowd and stage set in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Some volunteers that help make Creationfest happen

Compassion was well represented! Over 968 kids were signed up to be adopted. Way to go Creation fans!

 Honey Buckets, need we say more?


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Camp WAYFM, Keith and the Lehmans, home away from home.

What would people say if they knew we were Jesus Freaks? I think they know.

Shade was a premium, another way to create it.


trio.jpg (96020 bytes)Left:  Melissa, Becca, and Josh from the Parable Christian  Bookstore bustin a  pose. Lots of fun in the sun. Right: Melissa

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