The Blackstones with friends, The Harps, Matt Olin and Eiffel Tower 

December 16th, 2006 at the Stir It Up Cafe in Longview, WA

Longview Washington, want to hear some great music, check out the bands from Longview. Just to name a few: The Listening, The Blackstones,  The Harps, Eiffel Tower, and Matt Olin. It's amazing, so many good bands from one little town. Two of them have relocated to Music City (a.k.a. Nashville), just hope they don't forget the NW. These guys all have EPs or albums available, be sure to stop by their web sites to check out and order them!

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Be sure to check out their new album available at their web site:  and their myspace at: 

One of Aaron's songs, "War Of Indians" has a great story behind it, he wrote about it on his space on myspace. Basically goes outside of his church a  few steps, meets a homeless gentleman and chats a little bit and gets some great thoughts and lines from him. Good stuff!

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The Harps: Chris Cook (lead guitar)/ Trevor Greely (vocals, guitar)/ Nolan Russom (drums, vocals)/ Kyle Reid (bass, vocals)


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The Harps, they have an EP out, for more info, as in ordering, stop by their space at:  


mattolin3.JPG (49186 bytes) Matt Olin on acoustical guitar, tough spot, between jamming Eiffel Towers and The Harps, but good change of pace. Sort of a chance to catch a breath before the power was turned back on.  His space is:    mattolin1.JPG (51120 bytes) mattolin.JPG (37761 bytes)
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eiffeltower6.JPG (32972 bytes) Wasn't sure of the band's name but heard some folks in the crowd call them The Eiffel Tower.  eiffeltower4.JPG (52065 bytes) eiffeltower3.JPG (52834 bytes)

Other venues and dates of the Harps (and other Longview bands) also available at:

photos by Keith